Write a Blog? Not in a Million Years

I never imagined writing a blog, not in a million years.  I have never written anything which will become obvious as you read this.  Just two years ago at age thirty I started reading for enjoyment. Always been more of a numbers guy.  Also never understood putting my personal thoughts or images out there for the world to see.  I was in college when Facebook began and I never wanted to be apart of it or any other social media spin off that has since been created.  My distaste for “look and listen to me” websites makes it all the more surprising I am actually creating one.

I imagine she will never see this but shout out to Jessica Knapps at bloggingbasics101.com.  I followed along her “how to start a blog” guide and here you have it.  I am far from computer savvy but she made it easy.  Thanks Jessica.

This journey began two years ago when it became evident my job in commercial construction was a dead end.  The previous six years I bought into being apart of a growing company.  The company did grow and became very profitable.  Along with the company’s growth, my pay slightly increased just enough to keep me believing my future was bright.   I had long been confident that the company would eventually be a success and I was right.  Where I was naive was how the profits of that success would be distributed.  As profits continued to grow, they all went to ownership while I got a couple buck raise here and there.  I remember the moment reality hit me.  The holy shit moment I realized how little control I have over my financial future.  A threat from management of financial ramifications made it clear I need something else.  I felt I was holding a significant amount of the work load and responsibility while receiving a small amount of the profit.  I never considered going to my boss to reinforce how important I was to this company.  How I deserve a raise because of this and that.  Non of those scenarios sat well with me.  I could not understand asking permission for more money when I felt like I was perfectly capable to make my own.  Unlike my co workers I had minimal complaint that ownership was making all the money.  Ownership had most of the risk and the onions to start a company in the first place.  They figured out how to leverage other peoples time to make them money and I chose to be apart of it.  Faced with this new reality my mindset shifted.  The decision was made that it is time for me to make my own money instead of asking permission for a little more of theirs.  Looking back only a couple years and a still a long, long road ahead that choice was my first step toward achieving financial freedom.


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