Finding Real Estate

The idea of flipping houses popped in my head shortly after I realized I needed to make my own way.  Probably a result of watching too much HGTV.  The moment was almost two years ago today.  About a month before I intended to ask my then girlfriend/now wife to marry me.  While on a commercial construction site I said to myself “I’m going to flip houses!”  I know, not the most original idea these days.  I feel like half the country says that to themselves but that did not discourage me.  A brand new excitement lit me up the rest of the day and never faded.  Along with that excitement was an assurance that I could do this.

I went home that night and started googling “how to flip houses?” That is how I discovered  I cannot give enough credit to Bigger Pockets for educating and inspiring me to take this journey.  I bought a book off their website called The Book on Flipping Houses by J. Scott.  I was thirty years old and I believe it was the first book I read not required for schooling.  The result was I fell head over heals in love.  While I was on a roll of trying new things I gave Bigger Pockets podcasts a try.  Same exact result.  I fell in love with learning.  I developed a hunger for learning that I never felt through high school and college.  When I was not reading I was podcasting.  No more sports talk radio, only real estate podcasts.  No more music, only real estate podcasts.  I would not allow myself to listen to anything that was not educating me.  I looked forward to meetings hours away.  Five hours in the car meant five hours of learning.  TV time on the weekends and in bed was replaced by reading.  I felt guilty if I was not educating myself.

A few months later I mustered up enough courage to call a realtor about a listing in my area.  The mold was so prevalent you had to sign a waiver before entering.  The realtor was a great guy and he continued to show me properties on the weekends.  At this point I had no clue how to make a offer. I was just walking around houses, shooting the shit with the realtor like I had some idea what I was doing.  Although it was never said I think he grew tired of showing me $50,000 houses on the weekends only to make no offers.  Who could blame him?  I was kicking tires but afraid to take any action.

It was on our honeymoon that I realized I had to take some action and make a commitment toward the life I wanted for my family.  No less than a hour after we returned from our honeymoon I signed up for real estate classes.  A commitment was made to get my real estate license.  Obtaining my license would give me control to view properties and make offers as I please.  Having the license would also allow to list my own flips if I ever did one.  That was June of 2015 and I finally scheduled the test for January 2016.  I did everything online which may not have been the best method to learn but was the most flexible considering my job did not have consistent hours.  The course requirements were finally complete but I did not feel ready for the test.  For $60 I signed up for  Their program allowed me to take practice test after practice test until I felt ready.  I believe those practice tests were the reason I passed the exam on my first attempt.  Thirteen months after the “flip houses” idea popped in my head I was a Real Estate Salesperson.

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